Unwind to be kind to your body and mind

After you have done your best, these 3 things will do the rest!

After you have done your best. Pulling your navel into your spine, tucking in and tightening your “funky bum bum”, breathing like a frog in love, and almost killing yourself in the pleasure of that effort. Run home to that quiet, peaceful and secret place within yourself that you told nobody about, and be ready to do these 3 effortless things that will help you to relax and release all the tenseness you unwillingly accumulated during your Pilates body-mind adventure.

1. Lie on your back for 5 minutes, cross your arms over your chest and visualize that you are an empty suit which was once worn by a great queen or king.

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2. Stay in that position, take 10 deep long and sustained breaths. As you breathe out visualize that you are a cluster of a million dancing stars on the way to heaven.

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3. Lie on a fitness ball for 2 minutes and visualize that you are floating in your mother’s womb listening to: “Don´t Worry be Happy“ by Bobby McFerrin.

You can also do these exercises after a hard day at work on which your boss has forgotten how wonderful you really are, and constantly made you remember how important he/she is.

The Cava Tonic sounds on our music page will provide you with the suitable sonic playground; helping to transport you to these relaxed visual mental states because to “chill within” has everything to do with balancing the needs of the heart with the wants of the mind.
Read here how Cava Tonic influences this balance.

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