Silencing the “box of noise”

How to silence the “box of noise” before Pilates classes?

We have all heard the negative voice in our heads that tell us: “I can´t”, “I will fail”, “I am not good enough”, “I am not made for this”, “I will never get it”. These phrases produce low frequency sounds similar to the sounds of a ventilation system, which trigger the physiological states of immobilization, dissociation and a lack of presence. You have to ask yourself, will these negative phrases disrupt the learning interaction between student and teacher? The answer is yes, this damaging “box of noise” inhibits our breathing, diverts our attention, and facilitates the passive state of wakeful sleep, which ultimately prevents us from enjoying Pilates at its fullest. For example, here are 4 discouraging habits you should never put in your mind while practising the Pilates method:

  • Trying to be right before understanding the wrong.
  • Taking mistakes seriously.
  • Fearing mistakes.
  • Saying “I can’t do it”.

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In contrast, here are 4 encouraging habits you should always remember while practising the Pilates method.

On the way to silencing that chatter

  • Listen like a musician.
  • Ask a lot of questions, even if they seem to be stupid.
  • Don’t be satisfied until your questions are clarified.
  • Keep in mind: It is not what the teacher says, but what you understand that counts.

Practise the Pilates method without force, anxiety and psychological time pressure as we practise it in the Bodyhood Pilates studio. Move from “fight and flight” to “rest and digest”.
There is nothing more powerful than a mind that can live in the moment.

To do so, saying this mantra before Pilates classes will help

I am Present
I am Still
I Wait
I Listen
And I Let it Come.

This way you are teaching yourself to produce “power without force”, like “fire without smoke”, and “passion without emotion”.

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Try it and fly with it!