Pilates to Assist Pregnancy

During the nine month of pregnancy your body needs to accommodate to enormous physiological changes. New demands are made on your physical structure, and these demands can have a positive or negative effect on you; depending on how good a condition you are in.

A Strong Pelvis and a Flexible Spine

A strong flexible spine and pelvic joint will definitely reduce the chances of lower back strain. At pregnancy your pelvis is the part of your body most directly involved with giving birth, as it is the bony passage your baby passes through when it is born. That part of your body, which has to accommodate and distribute the extra weight of pregnancy is your spine. So, to prepare you for and protect you from the demands of pregnancy pilates-based exercises will help you to increase joint flexibility and reduce strain on your lower back.

Benefits of Pilates During and After Pregnancy

- This class takes 55 minutes and has to be booked in advance.
- Please ask for duo and trio options.
- Please be punctual. If for any reason you are late, the class will be shortened accordingly.
- If you have to cancel, please give us a call within 24 hours before the class; otherwise the class will have to be charged fully. 
- Validity: 5 units = 2 months, 10 units = 3 months, 15 units = 5 months.

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