PAPAD Passive - Myofascial Massage and Neurophysical Relaxation 

When I give a PAPAD massage, I show the body new possibilities, new alternatives and new options to move. I do not heal, I simply re-organize. CSRM

PAPAD© Passive - Press And Pull And Differentiate Passively - is a hands-on-body treatment-technique that facilitates muscular, fascial and neurophysiological relaxation. Samu Rii´s hands gently press your various body parts; raising and moving them to loosen your joints and muscles. "I use my hands as mirrors to explicitly communicate with every part of your body, especially with those parts where I detected blockades." So, you will become aware of muscle tensions resulting from bad habits, and also you are shown how to consciously loosen them.
The weight of your entire body is supported while your body parts are moved passively, so you can entrust yourself, let go and release tension. 

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Improve your Elasticity, Reduce Stress & Meet Harmony

A PAPAD Passive massage will

  • reduce stress related tension.
  • relieve pain, which arises from shortened muscles and blunt joints.
  • stretch muscles & improve their elasticity.
  • stretch your spine.
  • give you a feeling of lightness and freedom in your shoulder and neck area.
  • make you aware of the strains, which come from bad habits.
  • give you a feeling of harmony within the whole body.

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A Tension-Free Body from Head to Toe

The PAPAD Passive massage is suitable for anyone striving for alleviation of tension, and wishing to have a wide range of movements at their disposal. Particularly beneficial for people with

  • constant muscle strain
  • muscular and skeletoral imbalances
  • chronic shoulder and neck tension
  • blockades in the pelvic area

and for people who cannot

  • relax during their day to day activities or/and
  • have difficulty in expressing their sensuality.

A Support in Learning how to Improve Yourself

PAPAD Passive is reinforced synergetically by the active Bodyhood Pilates training. In this cooperation of active and passive training PAPAD Passive assists you with self-improvement. You will achieve more independence. First you learn to memorize the feeling experienced on the massage table, then you learn to kinasthetically retrieve these achieved changes and eventually you learn to maintain them effectively in your everyday life. In other words: PAPAD Passive opens your body to a more creative life open to discovery.

- This class takes 55 minutes and has to be booked in advance.
- Please be punctual. If for any reason you are late, the class will be shortened accordingly.
- If you have to cancel, please give us a call within 24 hours before the class; otherwise the class will have to be charged fully. 
- Validity: 5 units = 2 months, 10 units = 3 months, 15 units = 5 months.

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