Benefits & Testimonials

Injury-Preventive, Performance-Enhancement & Corrective

That, what counts, is not what Pilates is, but what it does. So, here is what it does; Bodyhood© Pilates provides exercises for

  • Anybody who suffers from body problems due to one-sided activities in daily routines.
  • People who have limited movement possibility due to long working hours.
  • Anybody with chronic back pain.
  • Anybody who wants to relieve stress-induced symptoms.
  • Women and men who strive for FSF & B (form, shape, firmness & beauty).
  • Men and women who try to achieve a well-built and muscular body and physical presence.
  • Elderly people who want to strengthen their muscles and want to regain energy.
  • Patients as a follow-up to physiotherapy.
  • Women, during and after pregnancy, who want to prepare themselves for parturition and/or want to regain their former figure or a lean body after childbirth.
  • Athletes and dancers who frequently are afflicted with old injuries; often a result of the unbalanced use of their muscles.
  • Artists like singers, actors and musicians for whom good posture is of paramount importance.
  • People with a deficient sexual drive.

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Apart from that, confidence (presence) is another of the many benefits Bodyhood Pilates offers. In fact, if you have no confidence in yourself you are twice defeated (Marcus Garvey) in your pursuit of „the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing your many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure” (J. H. Pilates); but if you have confidence in yourself you have already won even before you have started. Very well said! But where does confidence come from? Confidence comes from the insightful realization that you are already in possession of everything that is necessary in order to be and do all that you can; regardless of whether you succeed or not.


Bodyhood Pilates has been a real life-changer for me …. I had been to various doctors, but nothing really helped me until I started doing Pilates training with Charleston … Working with Charleston is completely different from other exercise classes because of the personal attention he gives you … He knows the body so well and has an enormous repertoire of different exercises … and never lets you get away with doing an exercise halfway, or even three-quarters of the way … I am 70 years old and I can walk as much as I like … but not only my body but also my mind is getting healthier. Bill
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Charleston Marquis’ supernatural gift is to view the human body objectively, which immediately enables him to see injuries that are veiled to the scrutiny of magnetic-resonance … His sixth-sense and experience allow him to get results as soon as possible. Lucas
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I enjoyed your workshop thoroughly. It was just as I like it: A lot of experiences, eye-openers, a good rhythm … Your version of Pilates never fails to relax my body and mind. It makes me feel upright, rooted to the ground and lets me sleep well. Gritta B.
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Your Elongation Reformer Workshop: I got new enthusiasm because of your deep approach. I felt “Power without Force” coming from inside. Coming home I felt totally awake, physically and spiritually, each cell of me was ALIVE and PRESENT! I felt HAPPY, STRONG, POSITIV, FLYING, SHINING … SENSUAL! Radka
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You have shown me a path to truth and I enjoy learning to walk on it, even when I am still on the beginning of a journey that will never end …. Thank you for shaking me and my patterns .. I always walked out of the studio feeling a bit changed. Annemarie
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I feel so good! … I believe it is because of your training! ... My pain in the injuries is almost gone. … I am not sure that only 5 sessions with you are responsible for my great condition, but I have no other explanation for it… So, thank you very much!!! Claudia
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My posture has improved, my body is more flexible, and I have become more aware of my movements. Samuel
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I would just like to tell you that I am very glad to be finally on “board” with you, a coach I consider the very best of all those I have ever consulted throughout my whole life. Evelyn
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Pilates, I discovered is amazing for strengthening my muscles, and is a good foundation for the body to dance. ... You were a great teacher for me not only because of your knowledge but also how you presented it, and how you approached it in general. Brandy
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I do not know what you have done with this damn knee, but THANK YOU!! It is a great feeling to run around without any pain :-))) Eva R.

Thank you again for this great workshop! How you teach Pilates is fascinating, exciting and challenging. You go so deep that it is a joy and a great benefit for all who may experience it. Ulli B.